NPR Building Concepts was contracted to undertake the total construction and project management at our home in Balwyn in February 2008.

The decision was made after an association with NPR on several previous construction and renovation projects over the three years preceding.Therefore the confidence I had in NPR to deliver on time, and to the highest level of building standards, was well founded.

The project was a complex one, with extensive use of steel to create many of the cantilever designs throughout the building.

I wanted a sense of "openness" and "spaciousness", particularly in the downstairs living areas, and again this was achieved via multiple steel frames, almost "warehouse", type construction and design.

Despite the difficulty in the multi­level and two storey design and engineering, NPR was able to work through and overcome many construction hurdles extremely effectively. The synergy of trades was particularly noteworthy, with a "build flow" that was never interrupted or stalled due to timing issues.

The exacting attention to detail is another very important feature of NPR, and after 8months the project was delivered on schedule in October 2009.

My level of satisfaction with NPR, its building practices, smoothness of construction continuity and excellent finishing's is very high, and I will be engaging them on my next project in 2010.

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With over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial construction NPR Building Concepts is eager to design unique and extra-ordinary custom buildings tailored to clients’ needs.

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