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home design construct eastern suburbs melbNPR Building Concepts has a design service in conjunction with their construction service.  In their vast experience they NPR often finds that third party architects don't discuss potential construction costs with their client when designing their home.  Designing something gorgeous and modern, using all of the latest materials but not advising the client about the impact of those things in their budget.  By the time they get to NPR to quote they have already spent a large portion of their budget on the design and are suprised by the resulting cost of reproducing that design.

When NPR Building Concepts design your project they do so with your final budget in mind!  Ensuring that the materials and features included in the design can actually meet within your budget parameters.

above and beyond builder choose tiles coloursNPR is eager to design unique and extra-ordinary custom buildings tailored to clients needs and is happy to assist in achieving this by supplying sound design guidance. From functionality to style, a custom design service can include kitchen design, bathroom design, laundry room design, living room design, paint colour selection, tiling decisions, carpet and flooring ideas. Space planning and 3D rendering service also available.

NPR helps clients with small scale design decisions or helping with an entire project. Ensuring sound design choices followed by quality finishes. NPR can provide an in-depth or basic home design plan for your space depending on your needs and budget. Design ideas and final touches including but not limited to paint color, complimentary floor or wall tiles, carpets, indoor paint colours, storage solutions, windows, doors, remodeling, outdoor paint and decking.

home design construct eastern suburbs melb

NPR Building Concepts passive home design ensures low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. Our team designs sustainable, energy efficient homes.

We provide environmentally friendly design taking a wide range of elements into consideration in the planning stages to allow our clients reach the desired level of sustainabe living for their home or business.

NPR strives to achieve passive friendly buildings that will be worth the investment and stand the test of time.

above and beyond builder choose tiles coloursNPR is expert in carrying out heritage home renovations and restorations carefully. Carrying out essential structural work while embracing the detail and design of an older building. NPR uses considered methods to sympathetically merge the historic with the modern.

Restoration planning and design to adapt and upgrade heritage homes bringing in modern and contemporary finishes while maintaing the treasured architectural character of a period building in tact

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REGISTRATIONS: CDBU - 60032 | CCB - 54083 | DB - U12713 | CB - L17476

With over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial construction NPR Building Concepts is eager to design unique and extra-ordinary custom buildings tailored to clients’ needs.

Others build, we create.



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